Agile Toolbox

June 23, 2021 Agile Boulder You have skills you don’t realize you had. You have life experience that are vital to creating the Agilist you are. Being an Agilist is a balancing act. It’s a “serious job that’s rooted in leadership” – but also fun and fulfilling. The ability to build trust, encourage your team,…

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Lean Coffee with Omar McNeil and Nicole Wilker

May 2021 Scrum Master Summit Conference  Discuss Agile topics live on the Scrum Master Summit conference “floor” Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Bring your experience, ideas, and hard-won knowledge and we’ll build the agenda together. Omar McNeil and Nicole Wilker will facilitate the conversation, and the topics are defined by you, the participants.

Your Agile Toolbox

April 21 2021 Empowering South Florida Women What is in your Agile Toolbox? How and what do you fill it with? Being an agilist is a balancing act. It’s a fun and “serious job that’s rooted in leadership”. The ability to build trust, encourage your team, understand the big picture or assist with roadblocks is…

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