Fun with Kim

When hubby travels for work, Kim comes to play! Kim and i were trying to find a weekend to get together, and I saw on the calendar that Hubby was out of town for a conference, so I decided to have kim come play for the weekend. Not that she doesn’t like the hubby, but…

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Making Indian Food

I got to spend a day making delicious indian food with a friend’s mom. Do i know how to do it again… probably not. But i definitely have 5 pounds of chipati flour, so i have already tried those again. Sadly – i can’t roll out my chapatis so they are round… but i’m getting…

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The boys turn 4

Has it really been that long? Are the boys really that old? It seems like only yesterday that we brought them home with us! It’s been an eventful year, full of camping, hiking, and hanging around with mom and dad!  

Campfire – Fire starters – results

So we finally had a few minutes to try out one of the completed fire starters! It worked GREAT!! It was a pretty windy day and it still stayed lit with a nice flame!! Can’t wait to get camping and try these out!! This one lasted nearly 20 minutes! Woot! If you missed the post…

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Tofurkey in the crockpot!

As a family unit, we don’t enjoy turkey, ham is ok, and snacking is what the gods made food for! We had purchased a tofurkey for our “solo” thanksgiving which turned into a group thang of making Indian food – A-maz-ing! I’ll have to put the recipes up at some point – they still need…

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8 years ago today!

Eight years ago today, I said I do! Over the summer I came across the toast i said at our wedding and thought it bared repeating! Because I love you truly, Because you love me, too My very greatest happiness Is sharing life with you! Let us toast the health of the bride Let us…

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