person showing brown gift box


Gifts are on my mind, cause it’s that time of year. The gifts I have received this year are definitely too many to count. The friends I have madeThe friendships I have been able to nourishThe experiences I have had (so many)The laughs I have enjoyed with so many – big happy belly laughsThe love…

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silhouette of people standing on highland during golden hours

Service leadership, is it for everyone?

It can be. Certain people are interested in being a service leader.Certain people want to see others be empowered to do and be their best.People with those traits also enjoy trying things, and seeing what happens (good or bad) But can everyone do it? Can everyone skip the spotlight?Can everyone enjoy making space for others…

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person in red sweater holding babys hand


What is a team? “A group of 2 or greater people focused on the same goal” – I have heard this from possibly ( Sam Falco )Always the same or similar phrase and it has stuck with me. A team starts there, and then it becomes more! What makes a/my/the team work? Top things that…

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shallow focus photography of books

Life Long Learning

I heard this phrase from Nicole Spence-Goon during a presentation and it stuck with me. I totally believe it and I love it! Recently someone asked how I had time to do the “learning” that I do. My response was I make time for it. If you have a desire, #learning you can organize and…

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brown dried leaves on sand

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome – such a terrible name and it just feels dirty to say, right? Recently I spent time with LeanInAgile (LIA) DMV Spiral chatting about this topic! Such a fun time! I have listened to other talks and reading articles and trying to determine if this was a thing I had (like a rash),…

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a person sitting on a couch with a laptop

Do you laugh and have fun?

Research says: children laugh more than 300 times a day, whereas adults laugh less than 20 times a day. I heard that statistic and it made me very sad. I was at a gathering this weekend, we laughed so hard and for so long that my tummy muscles hurt! How fantastic is that? Do you…

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two woman sitting by the window laughing

Do you have a best friend at work?

One of my favorite and sometimes heartbreaking questions regarding work and how valid it is – “Do you have a best friend at work?” It’s such a simple set of words, but such a poignant question.  So much behind that question. Do you have that person that you can share your victories, even the little…

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Your Traits

Who made you who you are today? Who instilled in you the traits you are proud of? Recently while working on a presentation it popped into my mind that that my mom was “my personal RBG”. Seems like a weird sentiment, but after watching the documentary on Justice Ginsburg, I was amazed at her history,…

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