Offer of help

As the new year begins and the first month comes to a close, people I know, coworkers I care about and those that I have never met are all facing challenges looking for new positions.  Generally I try to post something interesting or that speaks to me each month.  This month, I’m simply trying to…

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A month of cheer and celebration. 

A year of wonderful treats and experiences. My first time at an agile conference.  My first time meeting amazing friends and colleagues in real life. Seeing dear friends, finally, that I had been separated from because of the Pandemic Speaking at a number of virtual conferences – both recorded and on line Finally taking our…

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Appreciation. I recently facilitated a session on Hit Refresh called Name that Tune – Gratitude Edition. It was great fun to play snippets of all kinds of songs and genres and nearly all with the title “Thank you”. Spending the time to collate the list was a lovely exercise in gratitude, appreciation and being thankful! I…

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person about to write on white printer paperr

Hello spring and new adventures!

Mother Nature is having her way with us here in Colorado. 90 degrees on Thursday, snowing on friday! Speaking of which, do you ever feel like you can’t get your feet under you? Like the world keeps changing the path you are on? You don’t have the right jacket? Remember to lean into the pivots,…

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right arrow sign on wall


What if the thing your thought you wanted most turned out to be not what you wanted after all? Say what? What I’m trying to say is…I started down a path, I had great hope and desires… and then I saw someone do the same thing She was amazingy, and awe inspiring! I took a…

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Happy New Year clipart

Hello twenty twenty too

Hello twenty twenty too… Another year… let’s kick it off right!Someone told me, one of the ways to think about goals, are to ponder what you will do more or less of… I want to do more reading and more learningI want to do more presentations that speak to me and othersI want to do more…

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person showing brown gift box


Gifts are on my mind, cause it’s that time of year. The gifts I have received this year are definitely too many to count. The friends I have madeThe friendships I have been able to nourishThe experiences I have had (so many)The laughs I have enjoyed with so many – big happy belly laughsThe love…

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silhouette of people standing on highland during golden hours

Service leadership, is it for everyone?

It can be. Certain people are interested in being a service leader.Certain people want to see others be empowered to do and be their best.People with those traits also enjoy trying things, and seeing what happens (good or bad) But can everyone do it? Can everyone skip the spotlight?Can everyone enjoy making space for others…

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