Hit Refresh – Bold Made – Honoring the Inspiring Women in History with Color

April 5th, 12pm ET, 10am MT #hitrefresh is extending Women’s History month past March – because celebrating women’s history should not be confined to just 1 month! In our next session, we honor and remember some inspiring women with a #hitrefresh activity that… …can induce relaxation, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, improve focus, and improve motor skills while putting…

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Fight Burnout with Loving Intention Guided Meditation w/Nicole & Anjali

Agile Denver Boulder – March 29th 2023 Burnout rates are at an all time high. What if we could build regular habits that help keep it at bay. Join us for Loving Kindness Meditation is a mindfulness-based meditation that helps us cultivate compassion, kindness, acceptance, and love for ourselves and others. By directing caring feelings…

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Hit Refresh – With Loving Intention

January 4th 2023 Refreshed after your holiday break? Keep that feeling throughout the year with the #hitrefresh community. We connect every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at noon eastern and practice “being” together. We are starting 2023 with Loving Intention guided by Nicole Wilker and Anjali Leon Did you know that feelings and expressions of unconditional compassion, kindness, acceptance, and love,…

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Hit Refresh – Name that Tune – Gratitude Edition

November 16, 2022 Hit Refresh Join us to hear a joyful sound as we move through our week and on Thanksgiving!We will play a game of Name that Song/Tune/Artist – Gratitude Version!All songs will revolve around Gratitude and Thankfulness! Spend 30 minutes on your enjoying music and sound! You deserve it!

Agile Online Summit 2022

Your Must Have Agile Skills (that you already have) – Agile Online Summit 2022

November 4th 2022 – Agile Online Summit 2022 Thinking points to start you down the path of what additional skills you have to draw from. Ways you can expand your own abilities in directions you want and need. Reminder to draw from your own past to make your present and future self amazing. Check out…

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Little Things Can Make a Big Impact to Business Culture

October 13th, 2022 Agile Denver North Meetup Culture is a key aspect to team performance and organizational health. In today’s world, teams that are actively included and engaged in conversation are more productive and experience more work satisfaction. As noted in multiple studies by Gartner, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review, how people perceive their ability…

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5 Things You Can Do About Impostor Syndrome

Agile Denver North Meetup –  Jan 13, 2022 Agile RTP – February 1, 2022 Imposter syndrome is such a terrible name and it just feels dirty to say, right? I have spent time listening to talks and reading articles and trying to determine if this was a thing I had (like a rash or a…

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