Kilimanjaro Feasibility Weekend

Suman and I have decided that  2020 will be the year that we hike Kilimanjaro To determine if we can actually accomplish this great feat, we had decided to do a couple hikes at altitude in one weekend. Based on work, sick dogs and more… we only accomplished 1 hike, but we had fun. This…

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  Oh, that face! The damnit – i know i have my own, but winston already made it all gooey and yummy – MOM, make him give it to me – MOM – are you listening to me??? MOMMMMMMMMM!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all! Cheers to spending time with your friends, family and those important to you! Winston Paco Winston and Paco Snuggling Me and Hubby – wishing you a merry christmas!

Kitchen stuff for mxas!

Since hubby I will not be at home for Christmas, we decided to do it early. I asked for and received a number of wonderful kitchen goodies! An egg slicer – been wanting this baby for years! A rolling pin with auto thin-ness measuring disks, a cake froster, some more glass measuring cup – they…

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On demand yule log

At home we don’t have “real tv”. We do hulu and downloads and itunes and apple tv and stuff like that. Being some place with “on demand” is kinda weird. Last weekend my friend Kim and I wanted to catch up on our missing harry potter movies! Pretty sure it was part 1 and 2…

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Pumpkin mush

I learned a thing or 2 about butt issue and dogs since we got the pups. It was the same issue my mojo had but we never knew what it was. Here is some TMI: Basically the dogs have a little “sac” that gets released when they poop. Sometimes this doesn’t always happen and then…

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Happy Halloween!

  Happy Halloween! I was in The “OC” over the weekend and they decorated the “orange balloon” for the season and it looked like it was eating the building! Cracked me up! I did also ride that thing – oy – 400 feet up in the air – i was scared to death till it…

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Just wrong

There was an evening a couple weeks ago where some of us were blowing off steam from the week. One of the group attempted to tell one of the “what do you call someone without any arms and legs” joke, but messed it up and said “What do you call art on the wall with…

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