About Nicole

Nicole Wilker is a Agile Professional who helps organizations and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

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Nicole’s Story

From Programming to Agile Coaching

Remember logo? In the third grade, I made a pizza program via text entry on my apple IIe, and I would make dot matrix “banners” in all the colors and sold them.

Dot bomb, dot com, and other aspects that change the industry as we know it, lead me to realize I enjoy interacting with others and implementing the change I so desire.

I have always been interested in Software Engineering, thus I got my degree in Software.
Located in Denver Colorado, I make my home with my partner and 2 dogs. My interests include hiking, blogging, and spending time with my hubby and little monkeys (my eccentric rescue puppies).

Nicole’s Resume
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Agile Coach & Mentor

SAFe Program

Consultant Certified ScrumMaster

SAFe ScrumMaster

SAFe Release Train Engineer

Technical Business Analyst Business Analyst