Accept those appreciations

As is the time of year in the US, thoughts turn to showing gratitude, appreciating and giving thanks to those around you. 

As my brain does, at 2am it decided to consider the ideas of how to accept gratitude, and thanks when offered.

I read a meme about how some people, generally females, move right into down playing the words offered – be it, compliment, thanks, appreciation or other.

Dismissing kind words from another out of hand can be disrespectful to the speaker.

The proper response is simply – Thank you!

It can feel difficult to just respond with 2 small words, possibly add a smile and move on.

The feelings that were shared with you, and by that action, put into the world, is enough. 

Allow these moments and feelings to move through the universe and amplify among those around you and beyond!

Next time someone shares an appreciation with you, enjoy the feeling! 

While I’m thinking about it – thank you to all those over the past year that have been just amazing, helped me be better, and showed me how to do better! I love you all!