Mt Flora

With summer basically done, and winter activity sports not yet ramping up, but hunting season is open… we decided to hit up a 13er with a brisk breeze – Mt Flora!

The weather cooperated – no storms were rolling in, as this hike is way above tree line (it starts at Berthod Pass) we were glad not to have to watch for lightening! (i definitely did that one time, yikes)

The drive up is always traumatic for me with the hair pin turns, but i love having a huge parking lot and a relatively pleasant bathroom.

2 options to head up on behind the Berthod Pass sigh, the other at the end of hte parking lot. Both work.

The route is tough. I was looking at my previous post, this time we took a little longer, enjoyed the views a bit more, and had a nice snack at the top. I took point at some point and just basically kept trucking, one breath (huff), one step, on breath (puff), on step and chugged along. I decided reaching each peak was my goal. It is a little over 1700 foot elevation gain in 3.5 miles.


6.5-7 miles

1798 foot elevation gain

4 hours

Level – Hard (all trails says moderate) – but i feel the up up up, 1700 foot elevation gain starting at 10k feet is pretty tough.