White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail

Decided to enjoy an afterwork hike before the holiday! It was going to be 90 degrees in Denver at 2, so we decided to find something with shade. I hadn’t enjoyed this park in a number of years and didn’t remember much until we started hiking around it.

We chose to take the Raw Hide Trail and really enjoyed the scenery, the hike, the wild life, the wild flowers and the views!

It starts with a meandering downhill, in the woods, lots of greenery and woods.

The views of downtown are fun and beautiful. It’s like a glow is set over downtown.

The quiet and solitude on the hike was beyond beautiful and we felt like we were the only 2 in the park.

The wild flowers were colorful and wonderful the view.


5.5 miles

800 foot elevation gain

took the trail in reverse

Nice amount of shade and a pleasant breeze.

Good size parking lot