Apex, Argos, Pick n Sledge, Magic Mountain loop

I enjoy how close Apex Park is home and how many trails are available!

I had a random monday off and decided to enjoy nature. Since it was close to home and generally full cell signal I wasn’t too nervous about going solo!

The wild flowers were on point and the quiet and mostly solitude did my soul good! It was going to be a hot one so I was glad to have reached the parking lot by 7am. When I was leaving a little after 9:30 there were alot of people just starting out and I did not envy them.

I like to kick it into high gear and as it was a relatively pleasant morning, a consistent breeze and I had my hat on… I decided to go up the Argo Switchback. The views are fantastic!

Apex Park


Parking: a huge parking lot, but still go early or late

Bikes/Hikers can only use some trails on certain days – take note

About 4 miles

A nice combo of straight up, sun, shade, quiet, and nature

Took about 2/2.5 hours.


Always a treat, close to home, and I felt safe.