Royal Arch Hike

Made a jaunt for this hike with a friend between the storm clouds after work.

There are a number of ways to reach the trail to the arch and my friend showed me yet a different one. It always surprised me how quickly the altitude kicks your butt on the initial up hills at chautauqua!

This trail is amazing, in the winter with spikes, in a rainstorm, but generally never on a weekend.

This most recent trip started with a couple fun wins: traffic wasn’t bad, even after a rain storm hit denver and messed up the lights, i got a front spot in the parking lot, and it’s free parking during the week!

Off we went, up the chautauqua trail, and over and across to the Royal Arch trail. Just as we made the turn and headed up the Royal Arch portion the skies opened up. We put on our rain gear, but it was just simply dumping, so we doubled back to the Bluebell shelter to wait out the thunder.

It was about a 20 min but then it cleared up nicely and up to the arch we went.

Always great conversation and fun story trading – especially when i make him tell stories cause i can’t breath as well as him on the uphills!

It was a lovely way to end a work day, enjoying the views, the sweating and the random indian cookies i keep in my snack bag in my hiking bag!


3.4 miles ish

1,469 ft elevation gain ish

Can’t really know how long it took us – cause we started around 4, double back with the rain, and sat out some of the rain. but i was off the trail by 7:40ish