Royal Arch

I had done this hike years ago with the hubby and the pups, in the dead of summer. This time it was with a friend, in the winter! Still beautiful, quiet, and mostly just myself and my hiking buddy!

It was march, and surprisingly very icy after the turn off. Not recommended without spikes!

We definitely had a slower go with the large amounts of ice, both on the up and the down! But we took our time, enjoyed nature, scenery and chatting and made it to the top in about an hour and half.


Winter is a great time with cooler temps, free parking and less crowds. There is a bit of a challenge to it, but not the worst hike ever.

Definitely closer to 4 miles than 3.5, bring poles, spikes in the winter.

The spot at the top is very small, so be ready to be squeezed if you go during heavy traffic times.