Offer of help

As the new year begins and the first month comes to a close, people I know, coworkers I care about and those that I have never met are all facing challenges looking for new positions. 

Generally I try to post something interesting or that speaks to me each month. 

This month, I’m simply trying to find a way to help.

Reminder to those in my network that are in need – I am here for you!

Check your network –  Is there anyone in mine that I can introduce you to?

Get recommendations – If we have worked together and you rock,  I will sing your praises

Revisit that resume – see above about singing your praises! Let me know if you need me to review your accomplishments and help you speak your truth 

Remember you are a fabulous human being – You have skills, I’m happy to remind you!

Keep up your spirits – life can be hard, but you need to keep going! I am fabulous at dad jokes and terrible puns if you need a chuckle

Venting is not always bad (but don’t wallow) – do you need an ear or a shoulder, I’m here for you