Mt Sniktau

2 miles, out (really more like up) and back.

Initial elevation 10 thousand feet – ish

Summit elevation 13 thousand feet – ish

Elevation gain 1500 ish (let’s just say – a lot)

Nicole and Jen at summit of Mt Snikatau

When I was training for Kilimanjaro, we did some 13-ners (aka, 13 thousand plus feet at the summit). The gals and I attempted this hike once in 2019, but were a bit overwhelmed by the uphill path, and seeing how far the saddle was vs how long it would take, we voted to return to the camp site and just relax instead!

This year was the year. One of the original crew and I (fully untrained this summer) decided it was time to do it! I mean, why not!

We met early – really early – and hit the trail by 6:45am! The trail was no joke! It is listed at HARD on all trails, and that is no joke. The first 3/4 of a mile is straight up – up and up and up.

The coverage/ground is sandy and slippery and did I mention straight up? There are a multitude of false summits and it seems like there is never anything flat to walk on!

We each had poles, and good shoes. It was 80 degrees in denver. But not so much at 10k feet when we started our hike. It was chilly on the way up! I started with a fleece, and near the top I put on my puffy coat and gloves!

Definitely bring your layers and good boots and take your time and be stable when you do your footing.

All trails indicates one could do the hike in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I’m sure someone could… It tooks us 4 horus. 2 to get up, some time to relax and enjoy the view and 2 to get down – it’s slippery.

I found it impressive that we could accomplish the hike and it was a fantastic blue bird day to enjoy the views.

Pro Tips:

  • Bring poles
  • Bring enough water
  • Time your arrival – we arrived at 6:40 and go the last spot at the top parking lot. There are 2 lots further along the highway, but that will add to your hike. Careful parking on the road and there was a note about tickets being handed out.
  • Watch the weather – it was slotted for 25% rain around 1pm near the mountain, we were down by 11, but were in hail on the highway back to denver at 12pm. There is no cover, take care of yourself!

more info on the hike here