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What if the thing your thought you wanted most turned out to be not what you wanted after all?

Say what?

What I’m trying to say is…
I started down a path, I had great hope and desires… and then I saw someone do the same thing

She was amazingy, and awe inspiring!

I took a beat, dug deep down, and thought – wow – I don’t want to do that…

Not due to imposter syndrome, or thinking I wasn’t capable… just cause, wow… it really is not for me. It’s not what I want to do, or be.. kind of earth shattering…

I took some time to self inspect, to discuss with friends, and finally.. determined, it’s ok. I have skills that I can count on. I do not need that additional skill I thought it did. I will be ok!

Have you ever discovered something you thought you really wanted, but you didn’t?

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