WHO are you Thankful for

Who are you #thankful for?

This was a fun prompt from linkedin. I had been thinking about what I was thankful FOR, the WHO was a twist I hadn’t considered and I love it.

There are a lot of who-es that I am grateful for this year.

Focusing on this year – 2021 – 

I’m thankful for the unnamed who, that in early January “invited me to see what the rest of the world had to offer”. At the time it was a shock, and it was hurtful, but it led to a wonderful year.

I’m thankful for Heather Wright for being my first call when the bottom fell out, to talk me down, point me in the right direction, and give me the virtual hug i needed.

I’m thankful for Lori Langston who gave me the phrase above, befriended me when I needed it, and helped me apply for some new opportunities.

I’m thankful for having met Christen “Mac” McLemore the year prior to talk about metrics, who then said ‘yes, there just does happen to be a job offering here at Red Hat”

I’m thankful to all the people in my circle and spheres that gave me good words, praised my work, and offered to help me in my next adventures with work and believed in me…  

And that just covers some of January 2021! 
2021 has been a year chock full of wonderful people, helping, sharing and doing wonderful things for and with me.