Service leadership, is it for everyone?

It can be.

Certain people are interested in being a service leader.
Certain people want to see others be empowered to do and be their best.
People with those traits also enjoy trying things, and seeing what happens (good or bad)

But can everyone do it?

Can everyone skip the spotlight?
Can everyone enjoy making space for others to do their thing?
Can everyone make the space and enjoy seeing others “Do” their thing well.
Can everyone make the space and enjoy seeing others get the praise and credit for it while you cheer them on from the side?

Definitely a trait.

There are people who need the adoration, the credit, the everything.
That does not exclude being of service to others.

Take a minute to think about something (or) someone in your sphere that has done well.
Can you spare an at-a-boy for them?
Does it take anything from you?
It feels good, right?

Even 1 small nugget can be something someone needs to be just 1% better. You can be the catalyst.

What are your thoughts? How do you look at the world, your coworkers and your teammates?