Life Long Learning

I heard this phrase from Nicole Spence-Goon during a presentation and it stuck with me. I totally believe it and I love it!

Recently someone asked how I had time to do the “learning” that I do. My response was I make time for it.

If you have a desire, #learning you can organize and time box to accomplish the things that are important to you or that are on your bucket list. Long story short – the more I have on my plate the more I can get done. I tend to buckle down faster and work through what needs doing.

I am obsessed about being able to continue to get better and learn more and different and varied things.

The pandemic and being at home was such a great way for me to expand my knowledge base! The ability to meet and grow with so many people around the globe has been amazing and so fulfilling.

The generosity of the people in this world is simply amazing. Sharing and spreading knowledge, growing those around them. So many people doing that 1 little thing to help spur another person on to learn, be or do better! 

That also makes me want to be a do better by sharing what I can with those around me!

What does your learning path look like?