Do you laugh and have fun?

Research says: children laugh more than 300 times a day, whereas adults laugh less than 20 times a day.

I heard that statistic and it made me very sad.

I was at a gathering this weekend, we laughed so hard and for so long that my tummy muscles hurt! How fantastic is that? Do you laugh at work? In life? Should you?

Did you know:
“Bouts of laughter can boost the immune system, relax muscles, aid circulation, and protect against heart disease. It can abet mental health, too; laughter can lower anxiety, release tension, improve mood, and foster resilience.”

How can you not want more of that in your life?

When I recently interviewed for a job I actually laughed with my soon to be co-workers a lot. I knew I found my tribe with each additional tee hee!
I now pay attention during the day – I look for and listen for chuckles, guffaws and belly laughs. Honestly what is life without some fun? Laugher is an excellent indicator that fun is being had.

So take a minute, smile like you mean it, think of the last joke a 6 year old told you and let it out!