Do you have a best friend at work?

One of my favorite and sometimes heartbreaking questions regarding work and how valid it is – “Do you have a best friend at work?”

It’s such a simple set of words, but such a poignant question. 

So much behind that question.

Do you have that person that you can share your victories, even the little ones, and they cheer you on?
Do you have that person that you can share your mistakes, be vulnerable with, without fear of reprisal? 
It’s not insignificant. It’s not small.
It’s an anchor to keep you on track. It’s someone to have loyalty to, to make coming to work each day, worth it.

The relationships we build, strengthen our reserves, give us the moral compass and integrity to do our best and be our best.
It’s someone that has lived your path, understands your day to day in the environment you spend the most time in.

Not every job has your best friend, but when you have a job with a best friend there, it make time fly, the job not just work, and the results so much sweeter.

Tell me about your “work best friend”

cc Eric Millspaugh – thanks for being my first work BFF! You mean the world to me!