Your Traits

Who made you who you are today? Who instilled in you the traits you are proud of?

Recently while working on a presentation it popped into my mind that that my mom was “my personal RBG”.

Seems like a weird sentiment, but after watching the documentary on Justice Ginsburg, I was amazed at her history, abilities and willingness to make the world a better place. It led me to connect the dots between my mom, RBG’s talents and how I was molded into the woman I am.

My mom was a “little”, feisty, take no guff type of woman.

She made sure to raise a strong, independent, capable woman. I was taught to raise my hand with abandon, believe in my abilities and follow my values and beliefs. 

Integrity and follow through on commitments were part of my moral upbringing. The truth could indeed set you free and mom was always in my corner to help me be the best that I could be.

I hope that I use all that she created in me to make the world better, help others be their best, and pay it forward!

I love and honor the presence she had in my life, even though my appreciation for it might have been late coming. Thank you mom, I miss you and love you!