Your Agile Toolbox

April 21 2021

Empowering South Florida Women

What is in your Agile Toolbox? How and what do you fill it with?

Being an agilist is a balancing act. It’s a fun and “serious job that’s rooted in leadership”.

The ability to build trust, encourage your team, understand the big picture or assist with roadblocks is an ongoing and never a simple task. The skills necessary are not insignificant, and you can pull your expertise from all areas of your life.

In this session, we will explore how to fill your Agile toolbox from your personal skill sets and talents you have or have had.
* I will give you some thinking points to start you down the path of what additional skills you have to draw from.
* You will be able to feel more confident in your ability to draw from your own past to make your present and future self amazing.