The Agile Manifesto Turns 20!

The Agile Manifesto is 20!

The Manifesto can vote and it is just 1 year from being able to legally drink, how crazy is that?!

Been marinating on the manifesto this month…

#1 – Individuals and interactions over process and tools. 

A friend gave me advice about how to build additional trust and buy in from a team (just one part of interactions and individuals)

“Have One on Ones each quarter with your teammates” 

I loved it, I used it and it worked! I gave them an opportunity to ask me any crazy questions on their mind and got to know a thing or 2 about them and their lives. It was so great!

Only people can get to the definition of done, code complete or a release. Building their trust in you, the product, the process, the team is vital! Creating team cohesion, buy in and commitment all builds to a crescendo of success.

“Individuals and Interactions over process and tools.”

What about you? Any of the lines speaking to you?