Silver Dollar Trail

One of my favorite trails, always fun to try and figure out when the snow will clear!

This year was one of the latest and flowers were gorgeous!

The first year we did the trail we didn’t make it all the farthest lake. The second time we attempted it, there was so much snow, we didn’t make it past the first lake! This time we got all the way to Murray lake.

Pro tip – if you can drive up to the trail head, you save 1/4 mile and an all up hill 1/4 mile!

The trail is well marked – blue paint on trees, it can be slightly hard to follow in the forrest, but otherwise an easy trail to follow.

The views once you get out of the trees just continue to get prettier and prettier! The 3 lakes, the snow melt that fills the them, the sound of running water all around, so great!


  • Just under 4 miles, my fitbit did not agree.
  • 1000 foot elevation gain
  • It’s a nice trail, and a good upward push with a reward of beauty to eat your lunch at!