James Peak

One of the hardest hikes – ever?

9 miles, 8 hours, 30 mph winds, snowfield to overcome, and a trail that was all unstable rocks! Snap!

We started off “early”, hit the parking lot at 7am to start our adventure. I had extra weight in my pack – at some point, it will feel so wonderful to have a pack with nothing in it! But for now – we train!

Last time i tried this we went the wrong way due to poor instructions. Ugh.

This time I was going to overcome! I had microspikes to get over the snow, layers to deal with the wind… High boots to protect the ankles. Off we go!

This was by far one of the hardest hikes! It took us 2 hours to get up and over the snowfield, then another 3 hours to reach the summit!


  • Documentation says 8 miles, more like 9.
  • Height is 13,200
  • Elevation gain is nearly 3k
  • The wind was insane, check the weather and then listen to the weather!
  • The trail is very intense once you start the uphill portion. Watch your footing and your ankles.
  • Final answer – damn hard