Herman Gulch

We had done this as “family” a few years ago. I decided to do it again this year as as training hike!

We started pretty early, a smidge before 7am – it was about 45 degrees, and the path was mostly in the shade until our way back down which was great! Don’t worry about too many layers, this was mid july and climbing up that first steep butt kicker gets your heart going and your heat up!

The hike has everything – forest, meadow, alpine rocky and a lake – everywhere you turn it’s a beautiful sight! Totally worth the journey!

The flowers were absolutely stunning this time! Meadows of columbines! So many different colors and types! We saw a lot of people just hiking the first mile to see the flowers


  • 6.5-7 miles, 1700 foot elevation gain, starts at about 10 and ends at 12,130
  • Hard!
  • It is definitely a slog, but you can do it!!
  • The lake at the end was amazing, totally worth the trip, bring a snack and enjoy!
  • Pro tip – porta potty is gross, bring TP
  • All trails link

Another option: You can extend the trip on the continental divide trail. About half a mile from the end there is a split that isn’t signed.