Chief Mountain

We have been doing mileage and sticking to the front range due to the summer taking it’s time arriving in Colorado! We looked at the reviews and decided to hit up Chief Mountain to get some time above 10k feet!

I’ve done this one years ago with the hubby before our first and only hike up a 14er.

We arrived by 9, we knew storms were headed our way by 1, but felt confident we could get up and down in time!

Parking is on the side of the road and you run across traffic to get to the trail head. Get that adrenalin pumping early, right? Just kidding, there is not a ton of traffic on this road, and plenty of sight lines before you cross.

The road up is pleasant, but if you go as late as we did you have to contend with bikers. There is not much shoulder and plenty of blind curves, so be prepared to enjoy the scenery at 5 miles an hour behind a bike at times! Same goes for comming down, but surprisingly they ride those bikes fast on the way down. Too fast for my thin skin!

The hike is pleasant. Starts in the trees, nice incline up. Eventually you come out of the tree line and get to see the beauty that is colorado!


3.1 miles (both our electronic devices said much longer, closer to 4.2 – since the sign says 2 miles to the top after you climb a bit…)

Elevation gain – 984– starting elevation 10,000

The snow was not enough to put on micro spikes, but could be slick at spot!

Views were amazing and the ground squirrels are very pushy!

One of the ground squirrels i dubbed chip