Loch Lake Trail – RMNP

It rained and was icky all week – so we knew hiking normal trails was out, but since the snow still was pretty high in Rocky Mountain National Park we decided to head there with our micro-spikes!

The parking angels shined on us and we got one of the last 4 spots in the parking lot. We had multiple different forecasts depending which app we chose, so I had to borrow a jacket from Suman, and it was windy in the parking lot!

We started off and pretty soon we had to pop on our microspikes. Those helped alot

The trail was well packed most of the time, a bit of an elevation gain along the way. We eventually dropped our heavy layer and kept on trucking. Up past Alberta falls and to the lake. There was definitely a big push to get the final leg to the lake, but it was worth it.

Makes one feel special to be able to live in such an amazing place!

Fun and scary was butt sliding down the hill – definitely left some of the hard part off the knees!


5.7 miles (both our electronic devices said much longer, closer to 7)

Elevation gain – 1072 – starting elevation 9000

Winter conditions was fine with micro spikes

Lake was beautiful, parking could be terrible