Straight Creek Trail

I’ve been wanting to do this hike for a while, because 1, you get to climb over the Eisenhower tunnel and 2 because of the wild flowers!

The mulitple different descriptions had a number of different nileages… turns out it actually is really about 4.9 vs 4.2 and if you do go all the way you get to see the Loveland Ski Lift and slopes!

Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Time: 3 hours

Mileage: 4.9

Verdict: Definitely again, and next time bring a snack to enjoy at the top

The pups were a might tuckered, it does start at 11k and is about a 2200 foot elevation gain.

Winston eventaully said no more and demanded a ride in the baby bjorn!

The flowers! Oh the flowers, such a wonderful sight, one whole swath of Columbine and tons and tons of other that i couldn’t even name!

The trail starts off on the westbound side of the 70.

Pavement eventually moves into single track – and up you go!

The trails has lots to look at, and quickly loses the ability to hear the 70 for a good while.

The green grass, mountain tops and more!

After the first big turn the trail is a little less stressfull, but still up!

Since it was overcast it tricked us into thinking that is was not as hard as it was.

We made it the 2.2 mile mark thinking it was almost done… it was a bit more, Risa and I made it to the top but only stopped for just a smidge!

Definitely an amazing hike! Can’t wait to go back!