Sleepy Lion Trail

Sleepy Lion Trail

My friend suman is prepping for a Camino in Spain and needs to get in her miles every day and each weekend. On a recent weekend i joined her on this one – the Sleep Lion Trail .

Difficulty – easy

Time – 2hours – my friend like to take her time, enjoy the scenery, take breaks

Miles – 5.4

Rating – not again

Verdict: It was an interesting hike and close to home-ish.

Lots to sea, some shade.

This portion of the hike is dog off leash – alas – some people thing it’s ok to let their dogs run wild. Luckily my “kids” were not there or some random dog running up and getting all in their business would not have gone well.

You start off and end up on a fire road


Eventually you get to the sign, and pop off the main road.

Thus begins the off leash and if you have a sensitive animal the heart break…


Then we enter the trees, meander the trails, see the reservoir – basically the good part of the hike.


Near the end of the trail portion as it returns to the dirt road you get to see the power of the water!


Along the dirt road is the river and a fun water fall portion!

Toby enjoyed the adventure too!