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Mount Galbraith Park

Decided to do a hike after work with a co-worker and wanted to escape the 100 degree day that was in Denver! We found this one and as luck would have it, the clouds came in and brought the temps down to 85! Sounds crazy to think that was good, but it was! I had done this one back in 2007 and the trail signage was terrible. This time, it was so much better! We took the suggestion of go left at the split! We enjoyed the views, although there were a number that were of Golden and the Coors Plant – but it was still wonderful to me. Once you got on the backside it was all green and lush for as far as the eye could see! We started at the parking lot at the Cedar Gulch Trail start and the the left circle of the Mount Galbraith trail. We did it in 2 hours, we took a couple breaks and we enjoyed getting our sweat on!  
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