Oktoberfest Tips

This year was the year – after 3 years of waiting and planning and gathering the requisite number of attendees – and finally it was here! This in information from 2017 – check links etc if you use this on a different year!

After surviving an attendance at the biggest beer event, here are my pro tips!

  1. Research the tents. Seriously, take some time, read up and determine where you want to visit.
    1. Take note of which tents will serve you without having a table
    2. Take note what food is served at which tent that you might enjoy
    3. Take note of which tents have tables that do not require a reservation
  2. Think about going on an “off time” to the tents
    1. Weekends are obviously more crowded
    2. Weekdays and weekdays earlier in the day are less crowded
    3. Tuesday is generally family day – perhaps avoid that day at all costs
  3. There are tents that serve things other than beer
    1. I know, sacrilege, but the pastry tent has everything but beer – red bull and vodka, long island ice tea… But the sweet! And you can sit wherever, if there is a seat!
    2. There is a wine tent
    3. There are tents that also serve wine with the beer
  4. Know what you can drink
    1. Obviously you are here to drink beer. Do that, enjoy
    2. A maas is a liker of beer. IT might be only 3.2 but it’s still a big glass
    3. There are many that pre-game, but know your limitations!
  5. Bring pretty much nothing but cash with you into the Wies
    1. They have a very specific rules on what can go into Oktoberfest.
    2. They pretty much stand shoulder to shoulder blocking the entrace
    3. A small purse or wristlet is the way to go
  6. Dress the part!
    1. Seriously, go with the flow, get an outfit! You already paid a ton of money to get there, so go all in
    2. Hubby bought genuine lederhosen from amazon – as he was informed of the need to stretch it out prior to wearing it in the tent
    3. The gals all went to Trachten outlet and we got all put together rather quickly and for not a ton of money. I got a vintage dress at 49 euro, shirt for 17 euro and an apron for 17 euro.
  7. Take a gander at what else is at the fairground to entertain yourself
    1. There is a map of the entertainment area, but it is generally posted on the info booth
    2. My random highlights:
      1. Die Bravia – a statue you can climb and then view all of the grounds!
      2. Floh Circus – it was a hoot, but better if you know german
      3. The dessert tent
      4. Fish on a stick (ok, i just went with the fried fish, but still)
      5. Shopping! (I got an adorable small purse to hold my phone and money!