Munich/Salzburg – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 7

This day was one of the days that i was most excited about!

I had found a 4 hour tour all revolving around the Sound of Music. What i didn’t realize was how much one should know about the sound of music before going on a tour about it. It’s now in the queue to watch and try and remember all the things they told you about the movie etc!

We decided to re-wear our Oktoberfest garb and were the only ones dressed up – but really that’s ok we had a hoot!

We trained out to Salzburg (1.5 hours) and headed out to see the Hohensalzburg – the fortress of Salzburg! The most bestest part – the funicular up the hill to see the fortress! Squee!

The view around Salzburg – Mozart’s hometown  were amazing!


There was a museum with some of weird torture artifacts, musical instruments and weapons

After enjoying the views it was time for the main event – Sound of Music Tour! Woot!

We gathered at the specified meeting spot with about 100 or more other tourists!

We got on our bus and off we went to see the sights!

As we passed through town we saw were the different actors stayed and some cute stories about their time there.

We stopped first at a location where the back of it was used in filming and the lake. It was also the original location of the Gazebo (there were 3 in total) but that was moved and we saw that later!

Next up the Gazebo and a view of the house/mansion used for it’s front in the movie

From there it was off through Salzburg to view the Abbey from the road and talk about some scenes up there and then out about 45 min away to the church that Maria’s wedding was at

We stopped a bit prior to view the mountains where the family hiked to safety (not actually possible, but hey, it’s hollywood)

After that we had a snack and enjoyed the town and then the tour was over!

All in all i would not recommend this tour, i expected singing along the way and a raucous time. It was interesting and we learned lots and saw different things, but won’t have to do that again!

After the tour we had time to get some dinner before our train back to munich.

Since mike had told us a story of how he was denied Pho the day prior due to a restaurant not being open, when we saw a vietnamese restaurant near our location when we searched, we knew we had to do it! Uncle Van did not disappoint!

We meandered back to the train station and relaxed on our trip home! Definitely a full day with great friends and fun sights!

Tomorrow was our last full day in Munich – on deck – Oktoberfest again, and climbing Alte Peter!