Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 8

Last day in Munich…

We decided to do one more round at Oktoberfest, get some more fried fish, see some more of the tents, check out the flea circus and then see what else the day held!

We started by entering through a side entrance and meandering the midway – i can definitely say I have never seen so many carnival rides nor so many duplicates of the same rides! There is a lot of entertainment to be had!

Next up – Die Bavaria – a statue at the top of a hill that you can climb up inside it!

It’s 3.5 euro  to do the climb, which to me was totally worth it. Only 4 can go at a time and it’s a good thing, the viewing platform is pretty tight! But the views are amazing!


Next up, finding a tent to sit down and enjoy some together time! I picked the tent that looked like a giant cake and it was close to the 2pm arrival of the 7 layer cake! Woot! The cake was huge and so many sparklers!

There were so many treats and cakes and a gigantic skillet that they make an amazing dessert in! Yum!

After our fill of sweets and music we headed out to try and find the flea circus…

Pro tip – we finally found the flea circus – thanks to a map on the side of the ticket booth!


It’s crazy – 4 euro per person to see the floh circus! The show was actually real flea’s glued to little things with wheels etc. Sadly the carnie did not really know enough english for us to get the whole spiel, but i can now check that item off my bucket list!

We did a smidge more shopping and then decided to head out for some lunch. Since it was finally sunny we decided to return to Augustiner Keller for some yummy brews and the outdoor biergarten! We even got our server to serve us the sausages that the hubby loved so much! After some interrogation we learned the name and the translation is “Devil Sausage”.

Definitely a wonderful way to round out a trip – dear friends, great discussion and just relaxing under the sun!

We headed back to Marienplatz to meet up with another friend! They all returned to our hotel to pick up packages and relax, while i headed up the stairs to the top of Alte Peter! Woot!

I was heading up as the bells were finishing their chiming – woah! Loud!


The views were beautiful and the accomplishment of climbing all the stairs was great! (since the chancellor was going to be talking on a stage below there was security, one each side at the top – and well armed… i did consider asking one to take a picture of me, but then no.)

After climbing down, i enjoyed some quiet shopping in the Viktualienmarkt – got some cheese for snacking on the flight home!

After that it was gathering with friends, finding a place for more snacking and winding down the final night in Munich!

Fabulous vacation!