Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 5

Our day 5 was a little less on the upbeat side, but i decided when we first were planning the trip that seeing Dachau Concentration Camp.

It was a drizzly overcast day and seemed to fit the location.

It was an easy metro ride and then a bus hop to get to the location.

We were not in time to get on a docent led tour, well, not in time to get on the list for it. But we were able to get hand held audio tour.

I decided not to take an photos, as i just did not feel right about it. Hubby and other did and I can view those. It was a humbling, heart wrenching and devastating tour. Some know i don’t do well in museums – my attention span drops to about 7 minutes, so i started my tour on the outside.  AFter having read books, sat through history class, seen movies – it really is a different experience to see the locations. Bunk rooms made for 100’s that they stuff 1000’s into. The poison and furnace rooms. This location had had other lives after the liberation of the prisoners, but eventually it was reverted back to a memorial in the 60’s.

The museum is well done and had a tremendous amount of information.

It’s always something to keep in mind that the end result was terrible and you wonder how people got there, to be able to do such horrible, immoral things, but it all started with something less bad and it built and built from there… If you do something just a little more horrible than the last thing you did, it is easier to rationalize and hitler and the reich were brilliant in their marketing on that front. I heard on more than one occasion that people saw similarities to the states and that was frightening. Frightening that others could see us, the free nation heading down a terrible and horrible path.

After a couple hours we all regrouped at the visitor center for a snack, to decompress and compare impressions of the location.

From there we headed back to Munich and into the English Garden, aiming for the Chinese Beer Garden (is that not hysterical?)

Definitely a beautiful garden, even on a super dreary day!

We all enjoyed being outside and with great company and greenery!

From there we meandered back toward our stomping grounds of Marienplatz and ended up at the Ratskeller for the ambiance and to get me some Franziskaner, which had been hard to find so far!

We rested our weary feet and contemplated the rest of the day! A little bit more shopping (suman got some henkle knives) and then what to do for dinner. The first meal on saturday at Augastiner-keller sadly set the bar for hubby and sausages, and every other location and their sausage did not compare. So we decided to go to Augastiner-Dom which was near to Marienplatz…  they did have a plate with some sausages, but only a couple and not exactly as good as the original first meal.

I went with roasted pork and dumpling – yup, still not digging the dumpling… But the logo with the JW was certainly cool!

We wrapped up the night after that, with Suman and Premilla heading home the next morning, Judy and Mike heading back to their friend’s house to relax the next day and us heading to the BMW factory for wednesday!