Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 4

The big day had arrived! Our tent day at Oktoberfest!

We got up when we felt like it. Isn’t’ that lovely!

Today was the day to wear our fancy outfits! Squee!

Our table was booked at the Lowenbrau tent – 10 people, 10 pre-paid 1/2 chicken meals, and a large appetizer tray! Squee!

It was a tremendously fun time! We had our reservation for monday at noon to avoid the weekend rush and be ahead of the drunken children later in the day! (Yup, i’m old…)

We enjoyed the appetizer – the first of many obatz cheese tastings and tons of meat, and salads and yum!

Next up – beer! It’s lager, it’s like drinking budweiser, but it’s huge and it quenches your thirst. But there are other options – like the Radler. That is much tastier and goes down much better!

We learned that our pre-paid 1/2 chicken meal vouchers could be used for anything else on the menu – thank goodness! Hubby and I shared the sausage plate and something else i didn’t really like…But at least we were not stuck with a 1/2 a chicken each!!

Next up – singing and dancing to the oopa pa band!

There was definitely a happy vibe, the tables were beyond close, so you got to know your neighbors very well!

One weird thing – the gals walking around were selling little bottles of white powder. And people were “snorting” it. So strange!

After our time slot was over, we still hadn’t had our fill of beer, so we went to the Augustiner beer garden to enjoy a sunny day and some great company! On the way there i found me a fried fish sandwich and we tried one of those cookies we saw everywhere! The cookie – meh…  not very good, the fried fish – delicious!


It was a wonderful afternoon and as the sun set we decided it was time to eat more! Suman had a reservation for us across town.

We headed across munich to a place known for dumplings… (I have discovered, i’m not a fan of dumplings…)

We enjoyed a delicious meal, some wonderful weis bier and the most amazing dessert “plate” you have ever seen!!

Eventually the evening winded down and we each headed our own way! The next day was a trip to Dachau.

Side note – the dirdle – mostly super comfortable, except where the scratchy material isn’t covered by the “dirndl shirt”. And you never feel weird tromping around in your outfits, cause everyone else is too!