Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 3

Day 3 in Germany was a trip north – to Neuschwanstein Castle! Woot!

It was through Mike’s bikes and it was a super fun day!

We started in Munich for our adventure! We all hopped on the tour bus learning to carefully look left and right when crossing the bike lanes that are attached to the side walks.

It was about 1.5 hours to our first part – a bike ride around a lake with views of the castles, a beautiful nature preserve and some swans!

Next up we enjoyed lunch at a local brewery and crossed our fingers that the rain would continue to wait…

Alas…  we did not cross our fingers hard enough or do a good enough rain stay away dance…  The came in fierce…

We rolled up to the castle as the skies opened up… our option originally was to hike up to the bridge – Mary’s Bridge to – view the castle from the optimal position.

We chose the bus for 2.50 euro a piece…  since it was more than a drizzle it was definitely worth it!


The views of the castle from the bridge was amazing! The extra bonus of the sun in the distance, were wonderful!

Next up – we wandered back toward the castle in time for our tour. (no cameras, 27 minutes entrance to exit)

The tour was amazing and lacked some detail, but definitely worth the cost of entry! So curious to know more about each of the rooms and to return when they start sunday symphonies again!

We all gathered at the gift shop after the tour, hubby and i grabbed some glü wine and we walked back down to the bus – since of course it had stopped raining by then…

Wonderful day with all kinds of random activities! Great way to enjoy Germany!

On our way back we picked the brains of our wonderful tour guides – Hunter and the other lovely lady from brussel came up with a list of yummy dinner options. Since it was a couple days in – we went with the mexican option – Gordo Loco!

The owner was from mexico, spoke spanish, english and german! A definite treat, and his hot sauce was kick butt!

The interpretation of some of the classical mexican specialties to german were a surprise but all in all the food was tasty! I went with the shrimp fajitas and nums! But the sopapillas – oh no… a fried burrito full of mostly raw apples… not amazing at all!

Great day 3, ready for Oktoberfest on monday! Woot!