Second 5K

We can now repeatedly run a total of 5k (3.1 miles) at a time.

We run together about once a week in the parking lot across the street. Sometimes we do better, sometimes not so much.

We decided to sign up for another 5k, our first was last fall. As long as there is a medal we are happy to join the chaos!

This one had the bonus of food and snack at the end – also during the race – but i can’t eat while exercising or it doesn’t go well… And a beer garden at the end

We knew there would be some “hills” – where we run is basically a 400 foot total elevation gain so we knew we were in for it! The map above you can see where we got slower! Those would be the ups!

Pro tips:

Wait about 10 minutes after everyone starts…  then everyone has spread out and they wont be all jostling for position. This race had a chip to determine time so it would have been a great time to check this out. Sadly we didn’t think about it till to late and got run over by double baby strollers and caught behind walkers. We think the race should have separated everyone since the walkways were rather small.

All in all we did well

and got a really cool medal!