Kilimanjaro Feasibility Weekend

Suman and I have decided that  2020 will be the year that we hike Kilimanjaro

To determine if we can actually accomplish this great feat, we had decided to do a couple hikes at altitude in one weekend. Based on work, sick dogs and more… we only accomplished 1 hike, but we had fun.

This one was St James Peak. You start on St Mary’s Glacier and keep going.

Pro tip – just bring yak trax or some manner or snow walking geer, totally worth it for the way down. We didn’t do it and snap, that was terrible!


After we reached the end of the galcier, we thought it was a straight shot…  Instructions seemsed ok.

“Though the trail disappears once over the road, a number of trail markers about 75 yards away – clearly visible in the open tundra – will connect you back to it.”

Alas, we went the wrong direction, never reach a peak, but did get in our miles, our altitude and some quality time together. Next time, we shall do better!