Morro Bay Adventure

Man have i been remiss on my blog here!

I started a new adventure – – a place where i am trying to help those that kind of like to cook be able to make healthy meals during the week with a couple hours of prep on the weekend. (And of course i throw in some DIY recipes for cleaning and some dog treats!)

But i digress…  This post is about where i spent my weekend!

My client is currently in San Luis Obispo, so i decided to extend my stay through the weekend and have the hubby fly out for a fun weekend!

I was able to skip out “early” on friday when most of the rest of the team flew home.

Hubby and I enjoyed some local brew at a speakeasy – they store their beer behind a cool bookcase/door! And it’s down stairs, as in underground. No sun, no windows, but still cute and fun!

Next up head out to Morro Bay… to our first ever Air B-n-B. I’ve been having trouble trying to reserve one in Germany for our next “big” trip so figured some history might help. Of course by the time we booked this one, i gave up on them completely and decided to just go with a hotel!

As far as how i like Air B-n-B… meh. It’s stressful. So many people “sneak” having one, so we felt like a criminal the whole time. The gps map didn’t work, so we had to follow the specific instructions that were bag on the listing… ugh. Then we weren’t allowed to use the front door since the key only worked on the back… Yikes. Besides all that, the carpet was phenomenal on my toesies and the bed was super comfortable. But no tp… hmmmm…  And no points… All in all, i think this mode of booking a room might just not be for me/us

Our first night – we started downtown Morro Bay at Libertine Brewery – perfect for me – tons of sours. But also some other good taking brews! And fried food. Mmm!

Saturday morning started with Road Side America for our route…

First – The Elfin Forest

Definitely in the better than advertised category! I mean the description was a – we have to stop – type of thing, but then meandering the wooden boardwalk and feeling contained in all the trees, it was a hoot. Sights were great and scenery wonderful!

Second – Dinosaur Caves

This just had such a great tag line – “Defunct tourist attraction site is public park with a playground. Kayaks visit the sea caves below.”

Sadly none of the cool stuff – like the hole that people accidentally fell in  – is gone. But there are dino eggs and one of the random painted cows and beautiful views. So it was a nice stop!

Next quick stop was the stairway to nowhere, but it has sadly been dismantles and now is jus a lonely pole…

And the clamshell animals. They were decorated for the Monarch Butterflies, and i didn’t snag any photos…

Final stop before lunch – Monarch Butterfly at Pismo Start Park! Squee! So cool!

Basically where the butterflies winter, so amazing to see so many just floating around ot gathering in clumps! Official website and info here.  In the middle photo all those little specs of orange and gray are butterflies! Amazing! (It’s really only a 20 min stop max, so don’t go out of your way to go here…)

After that we returned to Morro Bay for some lunch, some Jerky, and a walk out and about at the rock!

Time for a nap, some amazing thai food and some chilaxin with CNN “The 80’s”

Sunday we got up a little later, cruise Cayucos (pretty quick trip) – but the pier was fun to walk down, the surfers were fun to watch get smooshed by the waves and then cheer when they road one! And we stopped at the Brown Butter Cookie Company. OMG – the espresso ones…  i almost ate the whole bag of those we brought home!

We cruised SLO the rest of the day for some beer at Central Coast Brewing – hello chai ale and coconut schwartz, and the Fromage store – best snack on the plane!

Fabulous little adventure weekend with the hubby!