Cruise Advice – again..

Funny thing about this post was, half way thru this cruise we said, we need to write some of this down so we remember next time… which we also did last time, but didn’t read that one before this trip either!


Cool things to bring:

  1. Shoe caddy to hold all your little things and keep the bathroom counter clear!

We used it to hold sun tan lotion, pills, nail clipper, ear phones, aloe, workout ipod, makeup, everything little that gets lost in a bag and takes up space on the counter!

2. Clothes line – there is one in the shower, but this way it can swing in the breeze in the room not the stuffy bathroom and actually dry!


3. Sea sickness bands and ginger. The at sea days can get dicey. Now-a-days they are much fancier!


Cool things to know:

  1. The pre-purchase wine comes out pretty affordable! 8-9 dollars a bottle!
  2. Watch the news letter for which beer and which bar has the specials that day
  3. On a winter cruise, know the temps from departure port down thru all the ports you are visiting
  4. Always take the first departure group to get off the board…  Either walk off – with your luggage in tow, or the first group where they take it the night prior. We’ve made this mistake at least 2 times now, just get the heck off, you are kicked out of your room as fast as they can since the next group is coming on in a couple hours, and the buffets close at 9-ish, and nothing else is available for purchase. Bring a book or a game if you don’t, it’s a long annoying wait.
  5. Never buy anything from the gift shop on the first half of the cruise, there will be a sale before it ends. I promise.
  6. Become a part of the “frequent cruiser” club – it lets you “cut” the line  on embarcation day!
  7. A cool packing list can be found here
  8. Use packing cubes. I swear by them for regular trips, a cruise is no different.
  9. I also found the cruise critic very helpful… this one and this one
  10. Some other interesting tips here
  11. Bring a lanyard! They will clip a hole in your room key to make it easier to carry.