Fountain Valley Trail – Roxborough Park

This hike has been a todo for a while. It was in my loop hike book.

IMG_8142Length: 3.24 miles,

Difficulty: Moderate/Easy – lots of ups and down, no shade

Time: Less than 2 hours (We had a hot little boy, so we had to stop and see if we could make him happier)

Rating: Good hike, close to home! More of a winter kingd of thing. There are a couple other hikes that i want to do, and hope to get to those in the cooler months!

This place can get pretty full – we went pretty late on a saturday in the summer, but still managed to grab a spot in the further lot.

NOTE: do not use the bathroom in that lot! Use the lovely bathroom in the visitors center!!

NOTE: DOGS are NOT allowed!

It is part of the Colorado State Park system, so having a friend with a a state park pass can be a savings! And they give you fruit snacks at the front gate!

We headed off from the lot, found the visitor center and good bathroom and decided to go counter clockwise. Makes it harder to see the signs and the harder part is near the end that way, but not undoable!

The views were great of the rock jutting out of the ground, the wild flowers were great and the over look is pretty cool. There is also an old home stead you can peak into.

IMG_8133 IMG_8137 IMG_8138 IMG_8140 IMG_8143  IMG_8145


Again, i enjoyed myself and think it is a great option for the cooler months when the snow is in the foot hills, but it wont be here!