Mount Falcon – Castle Trail hike

Memorial day finally arrived, so it was time to get this hiking thing/season, and off on a bang!

Sadly the weekend was icky until monday, when it was finally not 40% chance of rain and 50-60 degrees – it was 75-80 degrees and bright sunshine!

Castle Trail Hike – Mount Falcon

Length: 6-8 miles depending the route

Difficulty: Strenuous – it’s up, straight up. The turkey trout side is a less steep option, but also a little longer. We took that on the way out… it sure seemed like forever!

Time: 3 hours.

Rating: A good hike in the off season, no shade. Although all the wild flowers were gorgeous! Can get crowded with bikes and people. The view of Denver and red rocks were fabulous!

Note: Parking is small, so go early or go late!

Here is another option to make the hike shorter and less strenuous, and all the trail descriptions are here.

Imagine this trail iamge being a full circle, as if i didn’t forget to turn on my tracking until 1/2 a mile in!


Heading off to get our hike on:


Panoramic view near the top! Such a great view!


Amazing views of Red Rocks!


Some of the wild flowers!




Cute couple at the top!


Back to the parking lot – tuckered, hot, but accomplished!