Double Header Stair Climb for American Lung Association

This weekend I did a double header! 2 stair climbs – one in Seattle one in Portland (OR)! At first i was just going to do 40 flights in Seattle and 160 in Portland… But then I learned i could do 160 in both! So i said why not! We started the day in the fog!



The 40 floor building was actually the “smallest” building i had done, but agreeing to do it 4 times in row – that was big! Since I had 2 races, i decided to get an additional Wonder woman Shirt!


I did do very well, i thought, very fast for me! 8 minutes! That is nearly 5 flights a minute! Oh my! IMG_6862

Obviously I got slower over each one!   They did a full split – so i got to see how i did each time!


We drove back down to portland saturday after the race and check out and was ready for the next race!

This race I had a wife of a friend of my husbands and her running ream join me – i’m pretty sure they hated me by the end!


Once again i was up for the 160 flights – which was actually 164 since we climbed to the 41’st floor… oy This time it seemed a bit harder, my thighs were pretty chatty – perhaps the long climb the day prior or walking around seattle hills or… By the end of the second run i was considering bailing and calling it a day… But decided to just keep on truckin! And i did the full climb, 4 times! Yeah me!


All in all i feel pretty proud of myself and am looking forward to see how i do in Denver at the end of February – 56 flights! (I’ve done this one for 4 years, but i always like to see if i can go faster!)

As a reward, we went for a great brunch on the 30th floor of that building. It was nice to relax a little and enjoy a fabulous meal!


I ended the day with pedicures with my mother-in-law! Woot!!!