Stanley Mountain Trail

6.5 mile hike – according to Hiking with Dogs in Colorad

Think it was more like 6.8

Time to hike: about 5 or 5.5 hours to complete

Strenuous – yup – but also not too bad when it was pretty level


Joined a couple friends for a hike into the high mountains of colorado today!

Stanley Mountain Trail


We were looking for a 13-er (as in not a 14 teener since those are too popular, but something hard and calorie burning!

We started at the Berthoud Pass Parking lot!



Next it was up, up, and up!


IMG_5505 IMG_5526 IMG_5535

It was a good hike! 6.5 miles,  about 5 hours, and 2 wonderful friends!

We started out at the Berthos Pass parking lot – then crossed the street and headed up into the ether!

It was a great hike! Up and up and thru the switchbacks, across the ridge and finally to the top of Stanley Mountain!