Rattlesnake Gulch Trail – Eldorado Springs Canyon

Rattlesnake Gulch Trail

3.5 miles (Hiking Colorado’s Front Range Book – says 5.3, but that is from the first parking lot, not the trail head)

2 hours with lots of stops to see the burned down hotel from the 1900’s and the continental divide

$8 entry fee (Colorado State Parks)

Took the pups, and even starting before 9am, it was too hot for them, both boys ended up with blisters on their pads. So either bring booties or go on a cooler day with pups.

IMG_5486 IMG_5454


Rattlesnake Gulch Trail

The last day of the long holiday weekend and I decided we should go out with a bang!

I have a terrible time finding hikes that fit the family criteria, as well as constructions drama, and the last day of a long weekend.

aka – less than 6 miles, preferable a loop, this side of idaho springs, and higher altitude since it was going to be 90 in denver. Good golly, there has got to be an app for that.

Last minute I found Eldorado Canyon – as advertized a 5.3 mile hike, and 45 minutes from denver, this side of the constructions! Done and done baby!

We skipped out of town by 8am, a quick stop at the bucks for a jolt of caffeine, and at the trailhead by 9am! Score!

We were definitely lucky, I think we got one of the last spots near the trail head.

Up and up and up we went!


It was definitely a heart rate inducing climb, we were sweating up a storm by the first mile, hubby had to give up on his hat is was sweat soaked!!

It was amazing to see the canyon, lots of rock formations “on their side” reaching for the sky! And a pretty cool view out the canyon back toward civilization.


We reached the “hotel” at 1.4 miles. It is always fun for us to see old “ruins” even if these were “only” from 1912!

There were shard of plates, melted glass and tons of little bits of brick dust where it was pulverized by fire and time. There was also a really cool old fireplace with a melted pot still inside that has stood the test of time! Definitely fun to see!

From there we continued up the trail to the continental divide overlook. I always say I can see the continental divide no matter where we are, so it was fun to not be lying!


From there we continued around the look and got see a train tack from denver, and a real train come on thru! IMG_5478

Then it was all down hill all the way back to the car! We passed a number a groups and a number of kiddos not so thrilled to be hiking!


By the time we left the park – around 11am, the rangers were enforcing parking and helping people park at the initial parking lot. So get there early!