And we are three

July 4th – 2013 – the pups turned 3

3- how did they get to be 3 years old! In dog years they can drink now!


They definitely have their own personalities and are our little men, our crazy monkeys and our special boys!


IMG_5367 IMG_5422

Snuggling with mom and dad are always fun!

IMG_5355 IMG_5243 IMG_5187 IMG_4676 IMG_4722 IMG_4739 IMG_5326

After 2 years, we finally figured out how to get them to work on their giant bone! Peanut butter in the ends!IMG_4765

It’s been a fun year – they went on their second multi day road trip (grandma and grandpa for xmas in virginia), flew on a plane (pretty traumatic for mom), visited great grandma and great grandpa in Washington, had their second knock down drag out fight, then became besties again, camped and hiked like true coloradans, and keep enjoying their days what they do best – napping!

Happy Birthday!!