Devil’s Backbone Trail

First hike of 2013! Woohoo!

Devil’s Backbone in Loveland


There is a foot traffic only path to the keyhole and some other areas in the park. A good amount of parking, but not sure what it is like mid season.

Cons:No shade, at all (it was overcast and 65 today, so it was perfect!)

Devil's Backbone

So, the map of our actual hike below isn’t really totally accurate, we went more like 4.5 miles. The loop hike listed in our book said it was about 4 miles for the keyhole loop and then a little further. We went to the beginning of the second loop and turned around. I think it we had an earlier start so there wasn’t fear of thunderstorms we could have done more, although it being the first hike of the season, the pups were a little tuckered out!


The hike starts out pretty easy, it is a total of only 400 feet elevation gain if you only do the first loop, 980 if you add on like we did!


This picture is of the keyhole, we couldn’t actually get up there cause it was raptor/raven breeding season.

Doh – guess i needed to check my research better! But at least we could see it from the trail!


The back bone! So cool looking – even cooler with the storm coming in! We only got caught in a little bit of it!


The obligatory – what i see when i hike photo!


Tired pups on the way home!