My first mammogram!


Hot diggity dog…  yup, i’ve hopped over a threshold that means, i can’t write off my foolishness to youth, i’m not yet eligible for courgarhood (if i wasn’t married), i’m supposed to know what I’m doing with my life and…  I’m old enough to run around topless and get my boobs squished – and not in a good way! Ugh!

I was a bit nervous about heading into the experience, i quickly made the appointment so i couldn’t change my mind..

I did my research – aka – asked my friends and family how they did…

My sister indicated it was painful, my well endowed friend said it hurt more than child birth (OOOFA), and another friend said it wasn’t awesome

Needless to say i was not very excited…

I arrived, full of apprehension and curiosity!

The main desk lady was terrible, i was like -awesome, it’s so going to be great…  But the gal that brought me back was great – i explained my trepidation and she said – oh, don’t worry, it’s not that bad…  And to start it off… they “warm” the “hospital gown” prior to giving it to you… and you don’t have to take off your pants etc.

Next step, sit in the half naked waiting room… The second waiting room where you have your fancy warm “shirt” on.

Then you get called into the room – they you get to feel like a peice of meat! You take of your fancy shirt, so you and all your muffin top-ness are hanging out, and your lady parts get to be man-handled and squished and pushed round and mooshed into just the right spot they they can take the x-rays. The cool part – seeing the x-rays pop up and see your book, inside out is super cool!

The super cool part – it didn’t really hurt all that much! I think it was the fact that i’m not as blessed as others in the area we were working on, so i think that made it thru with limited damage and thankfully my pain threshold is pretty darn high!

So if you might be heading in to get some boob squishing done, have faith – but going thinking the worst so it all turns out great!